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Stage 4. Thesis/Dissertation Review

Research and Scholarly Work

Process and Policy

Advise student about good practices in scholarly writing in your discipline

Review the final draft in its entirety with the student

Advise student to file Intent to Graduate form

Review degree audit

Check committee composition

Advise student to ask formatting questions and request help in the Thesis and Dissertation Services site

Advise student to submit for Format Review approval in the Thesis and Dissertation Services site by the semester deadline

Agree upon the dissemination of the thesis/dissertation and have the student submit the Thesis and Dissertation Release Option Form in the myUCF Student Center

Have student provide the Approval Form to you and check it for accuracy

Submit draft document to advisory committee at least two weeks prior to defense and ask for feedback before scheduling the defense

Best Practices

Research and Scholarly Work

  • Review the final draft in its entirety with the student. Please be sure that this is done in a timely manner. If the thesis/dissertation still needs editing, then please do not schedule the defense, even if the student wants to graduate. Please take the time to edit the thesis/dissertation, ensure the citations are accurate, appropriate, and complete, and be sure that the student has done the research envisioned in the research prospectus.
  • Once the final draft is ready, please send a copy to each of the Advisory Committee members and ensure that they have a minimum of two weeks to review it. Please ask Advisory Committee members to tell you if they have major concerns with the research prior to scheduling the defense and give them a date by which you need to know when it is good to proceed with the defense.
  • Your department may have a requirement that the program director be provided a copy of the thesis/dissertation prior to scheduling the defense and if that is the case, please be sure to send the program director a copy.

Process and Policy

  • Have the student file an Intent to Graduate Form at the beginning of the semester they plan to defend their thesis/dissertation. Be sure that the degree audit is clean and the student has met all degree requirements other than the thesis or dissertation requirement. Master’s students must have clean audits in the semester before they graduate, since no petitions or exceptions to university policies will be approved in the semester of graduation.
  • For a thesis/dissertation student planning to graduate in the semester, the Graduate College requires that the student:
    • Submit the bookmarked ETD PDF file for Format Review by the semester Format Review deadline
    • Submit the Thesis/Dissertation Release Option eForm in myUCF Student Center by the semester Format Review deadline
    • Receive Format Review approval and permission to do Final Submission from the Graduate College editor
    • Announce the defense at least two weeks prior to the defense date
    • Defend successfully by the semester Defense deadline
    • Complete Final Submission of ETD and deliver a signed Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form to the Graduate College editor by the semester Final Submission deadline
  • Several weeks before the defense, have the student provide the Thesis and Dissertation Approval Form to you. It is important to check it early enough to allow time for any needed corrections. If the committee is incorrect, have your graduate program office submit a correction to the Graduate College. Check the dissemination (release) option on the form; if it is not acceptable, have the student re-submit the TD Release Option eForm in their myUCF Student Center to correct it. After corrections, have the student print an updated Thesis and Dissertation Approval Form for the defense. Do not use an incorrect Approval Form for the defense.
  • The UCF thesis/dissertation formatting requirements override discipline preferences. Questions about formatting should be submitted in the Thesis and Dissertation Services site.

Feedback and Evaluation

  • Help your students in learning good practices for scholarly writing in your discipline. Now is the time to ensure that our students have the skills they will need for their professional careers.
  • If students lack the appropriate writing skills, please send them to the UCF Writing Center.


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